Who we are

Stereo is a modern, edgy dance studio for teens and young professionals, offering dance classes in the hip-hop style. It is an energetic fun environment that strives to enhance the skills of those with dance background or those who are simply dance enthusiast with the innovative techniques of the highly trained choreographers and instructors. The studio is a firm believer in education the students in all of the history of hip-hop all the way to today, as this is a subculture that has a rich and diverse upbringing.

What we do

How we do it

Full Stereo Experience

Go through our full program, starting at beginners and work your way up, gaining skill and instruction. Get all you can out of Stereo.

Individual Classes

Book one of our individual classes based on your skill level, and come in. Dance without the commitment and hassle, and gain some skill along the way.

Where we are

Stereo is located in downtown Denver, Colorado near the cultural district and also close to new trendy apartment a lot of young people are now moving into. Colorado is known for its population’s active lifestyle and cultural interests, thus this business serves the area well. Both teens who grew up in the residential area who want to take hip hop classes after school and young professionals who need a break from the hustle of their jobs are both served well by this establishment.

What we believelife is better with dance
Dance should be sharedit is for everyone
Dance brings energyenergy helps make everyday life more exciting

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