Full Stereo Experience

Come explore all Stereo has to offer with our full program. Work your way through our rigorous program, and gain skill you never knew you had. By the end, you will be a true Stereo expert.

Sessions last for 3 months, 2-3 days a week (depending on the level)

Specific information about practice times will be sent out when the session begins.

Prices vary but are from $400-$600

Individual Classes

Get a taste of Stereo with our individual classes. Whether its to keep up skill or just for fun, our classes give all the Stereo instruction without the commitment. 

Classes are offered on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 8 am and 7 pm and Saturday 8 am 12 pm and 5 pm.

Individual classes are divided by general level.

Each class costs $20 but can be purchased in bundles of $200 for 12.

Awarded best new dance studio of 2017